As a lover of Benefit, I have to say I’m surprised I haven’t tried this earlier! Although I was a little sceptical as I have oily skin and let’s be honest….this is pretty shiny! 

I love the quirky packaging, it’s got the usual tell tale signs it’s made by Benefit, I mean, who else does super cute packaging like them? And it smells SO good! Like sweets. It’s got a pretty gold, pearly shimmer to it, and a silky light texture that glides on effortlessly! But as it is so light catching, be careful when applying! Too much and it looks kind of tacky, but if you get the right amount….so gorgeous! 

There are several uses for this. It can go over make up for a dewy effect, under makeup for a primer or a highlighter/illuminator. Personally I use it as an illuminator after contouring. 

I bought mine on the Benefit website which was £24.50. I have seen it advertised cheaper on Amazon and such places so if you are thinking of buying, do shop around! But you get what you pay for, this will literally last you a life time! 




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