End of the week shower heaven ❤️

As I was having a shower earlier, I thought it would be rude not to share this amazing, foamy, heavenly experience! 

     Let’s start off with the Lancôme Gel Éclat. I don’t usually use facial products to remove makeup or cleanse (I’m a bit old school with my dove soap bar) but this is just gorgeous. I’m pretty lucky as I have a friend that works on the Lancôme counter so I actually got this for free! But usually you can get this for around £23 from Boots/Debenhams/Beals/House Of Fraser. Yep, I know this is a pretty hefty  price to pay too! But I can assure you this will last at least half the year. A smallest amount will more than cover your face (and be careful, it really foams up!) and it smells like the typical rose scent Lancôme products have. It’s a water based product so perfect for oily skinned girls like me! 

And now my guilty pleasure! This gorgeous, creamy shower scrub is perfect to rid your skin of all those horrid end of week oils and impurities! It contains almond extracts and acacia honey. Now I find most body scrubs too rough and leaving my skin all red and hot, but I think this is the one that works well for me, I have brought it again and again! You also get a reasonable amount in the bottle (200ml) this can range from £4-£6 depending on where you buy it. It does seem a little over priced but hey, it’s meant to be a treat and luxury! 🌸


5 thoughts on “End of the week shower heaven ❤️

  1. You’re so lucky that you were able to get the product for free! I have a lot of Lancome products but I haven’t really heard of the Lancôme Gel Éclat, maybe it’s harder to find back in the states? no idea, but I’m going to do some more research on it now haha.


    1. Hi! Yeah I know! I’m forever grateful I have my friend on the counter 🙂 it’s on the website, although I have no idea if you can get it in the states or not….I hope you can, it’s a gorgeous product! Let me know how your search goes ❤️🌸


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