Benefit Cha Cha Tint review πŸŒΈ

As a lover of Benefit products (as I’m sure you’ve guessed!) I couldn’t wait to do a review on this! There are mixed reviews about this product as it is a stain and the colour is pretty intense. Personally, I dislike the original benetint as I really don’t suit pinks/reds on my cheeks or lips, so for me it was really nice to find something different.

At a glance: So, to look at its a typical Benefit product. It’s bright, playful and full of colour. The bottle is orange/gold with a white lid. When you unscrew the lid it’s almost like a nail varnish applicator. And unlike the original benetint, it’s consistency is a lot less thin, more like a shampoo like feel than water. And the colour is bright! Don’t be alarmed though, this does blend out (as long as you do it fast enough) to a warm, coral glow.

Application: not going to lie, this took me a while to get right! The formula is rediculously fast drying so you need to have your wits about you when applying!. If you have a longer shaped face, apply to the apples of you’re cheeks for a summer glow, or if you have a round face like me, apply to the top part of your cheek bones, above your contour for a more defined look. You must work quickly when using this product. One cheek at a time and slowly build your colour up, remember this is a stain and not easily erased!

Did I mention this is a lip tint too? Again, work quickly with the product or you will end up with patchy marks but applied correctly, it will last all day and leave you with beautiful lips! Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that special something 🌸


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