Why my work place is AMAZING πŸŒΈ

Ok, so I work for a finance company. NO, it’s not boring, NO, it’s not full of idiot. It’s been voted one of the best work places in the UK for a a few years running now and there are soooooo many reasons for it! 
Food: everything here is heavily subsidised. The mains cost a pound and I don’t mean sausage, nuggets and chips. I mean Thai curries, sushi, steak and Moroccan lamb! There is also a free breakfast buffet and a multitude of fresh smoothies and milk shakes! Coffee and tea….all free! Unless you want a mocha or caramel latte…then that will set you back a hefty 75p πŸ˜‰ if you want something lighter there are loads of gourmet wraps and sandwiches to choose from and all the lovely staff are more than happy to accommodate your dietary needs.

Benefits: Like most office based jobs, you are going to get obvious perks…but here we get a free masseuse, sleep pods, free beer Friday’s, cycle schemes and a rediculous ammount of discounts in well known eateries and shops. The pay is pretty damn good too! 

I aimed my blog to be purely beauty based but I’m sat here on my lunch break (hence the photo) and thought how lucky I am to have such a wonderful place to work! 🌸 



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