The Love Hate Tag β€οΈ


Thank you to Em, a lovely fellow blogger who tagged me in this to have a go at, you can get to her blog here. If you love baking and beauty, she’s your girl! 

Ok, so basically I am going to share 10 things I love and 10 things I hate and then tag some bloggers to have a go at it too 🌸

10 things I LOVE!

  1. Jacob. My lovely boyfriend of nearly 3 years, he is my bestest friend ❀️
  2. Shopping. Especially if it’s for make up and beauty products!
  3. Cooking. I love seeing people enjoying food I’ve made for them.
  4. Binge watching Netflix. Because who doesn’t?!
  5. My grandparents. They made my childhood magical! Forever greatful too them.
  6. Working. There’s nothing better than coming home from work feeling accomplished!
  7. Christmas. My most favourite time of year.
  8. Food. Although my expanding waistline doesn’t! 
  9. Going on holiday. From flying to sun bathing; I love going on holiday!
  10. My blog. ofcourse! 

10 things I HATE

  1. The feel of cotton wool. It literally makes me cringe bleeeh!
  2. Public transport. Roll on the day when I get my car, seriously!
  3. Being ill. I’m prone to toncilitis, absolute nightmare.
  4. When you finish a TV series and realise you need to find something to do with your life! Like the moment Jacob and I finished breaking bad.
  5. Running late. The WORST feeling ever!
  6. Hiccups. So. Bloody. Annoying.
  7. Animal cruelty. E.g people who dog fight, vile people!
  8. Rudeness and selfishness. What’s the point in it?
  9. Fish. I hate fish! Yuck yuck yuck, give me a steak!
  10. Housework. Who actually enjoys doing this?!?

So there it is! Now it’s your turn dolls! 

Annie’s Beauty Blog

Polka Dot Teapot

Diana’s Adventures

Lucie Leanna
Have fun girlies! 🌸


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