DIY Shellac! 🌸

I don’t know about you but I LOVE getting my nails done. It completes any outfit instantly and looks so feminine and pretty. But like I’m sure everyone does, I hate how expensive it is! So I set myself a little mission to teach myself how to shellac and save on all those bucks!

I brought my shellac kit from Amazon. It was so inexpensive and I was a little bit apprehensive as to the quality of my UV lamp, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It came with a cuticle pusher, a top and base coat and a packet of Lint free wipes (I’ll explain).  I spent about Β£18 on my kit but I think the price varies. You can find my UV lamp here. The brand I use is called Bluesky. The colours are so cheap I have to admit but they are exactly the same to me as gellish, gellux or CND. And they only cost from Β£5 a bottle 😍

How to

To start you need to prep your nails. File them or cut them into shape and give them a quick buff, to roughen them up a bit and get rid of any oils on the nail plate. Now I know your not meant to push your cuticles back, but I do πŸ™ˆ (you can always skip this bit). Now apply a very thin layer of base coat and cure under the lamp for 2 minutes (there is a timer already set on my kit). 

I chose white and glitter on top in this case but choose whatever colour you want and apply and very thin layer. The thinner the better as this will help prevent the polish from peeling off. Cure under the lamp for another 2 minutes and repeat the process until you’ve reached the coverage you want. 

You will notice that I between layers, your nails are going to be super sticky! This is called the inhebition layer and mustn’t be removed until the top coat is cured! You will need lint free wipes (these are special wipes that leave no fibres behind, unlike cotton wool) to do this and either 100% alcohol or I use hand sanitiser as it does the same job! This removes the tacky layer, leaving glossy, smooth nails underneath. So after you have applied and cured the top coat, remove the tacky layer and ta da! Beautiful, salon quality nails! And half the price I might add!

My nail colours always go strong for a full 2 weeks with no chipping or flaking. Since using this, my nails have grown longer a lot quicker and seem to be stronger! I would recommend to any girl who loves having a pamper but hates the price to invest in one of these, anyone can do it! Have fun Dolls 😘


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