Benefit Porefessional Review πŸŒΈ

On my last little haul at Debenhams I finally treated myself to Porefessional! It was either this or Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I have some good points and bad points about this product to be honest but all in all I do like it and would recommend! 


If you have read any of my posts before then you know I love Benefits packaging! And this is no exception.   


It’s fun, quirky and cute all in one! I like how the Porefessional range feature the same ‘secret agent’ on its packaging.  There’s two parts to open, there’s the obvious lid at the top to get the product out, then there is this super cute little flap door on the front! 

It’s meant to look like the kind of packaging you had as a kid when you brought a barbie or a bratz doll! I loved that aspect of it, great idea Benefit! 

The product and application.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to find this as I had heard so many mixed reviews on its consistency and how it felt. I actually asked to try a bit on the back of my hand at the counter and it was such a silky smooth finish, I was quite surprised!

The product itself is a nude colour but when it’s applied it’s colourless. It also smells good!! But I can’t describe it, it’s sort of flowery? And it makes face smell nice for a little while after applying it! 

Porefessional is silicone based and oil free which is perfect for my oily skin type. It also contains vitamin E which is well known to be great for your skin! It also claims to reduce the appearance of pores but I’m quite lucky that mine are not noticeable anyway, so that didn’t bother me. When on your face its soooooooo silky and soft an gives a beautiful matte finish.

I have used this product twice now….the second time was a disaster! I wasn’t sure how much to apply so on my first application it was a little and the second was a bit too much! I ended up with a cakey chunk of foundation on my nose and I COULDNT get it off! So I’ve learnt my lesson that less is more haha!

This product did really help my skin from looking so shine and kept it in place pretty much all day….my nose still got a bit shiny but I just dusted it with a bit of powder to get rid. I would reccomend this! But just be careful when applying not to over do it!

Thanks for reading Dolls, any comments and thoughts below will be much appreciated! 🌸😘


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