Benefit Push-up Liner Review and Give away link!Β 

So I’ve been using this little beauty the last few days for my eye liner and it’s an absolute revolution in the liner world! Have you struggled to create perfect cat eyes or flicks? Well, now you can wave goodbye to that struggle! I was totally impressed by this.


Just like the “There Real” mascara, the liner comes in a black as orange pack, which I think is nice for benefit to have a more toned down packaging look! The product itself is in a pen type tube with a twist off kid and also a part at the bottom to twist and release he product. 

Application and product:

The consistency of this liner is much like a gel and quite thick….almost like a paste actually! And it’s black, very, very black which is great! The one thing I hate about black eye liners is when you apply them….it’s not even black!?! (Rant over) 



The applicator tip has a perfectly angled rubber tip that hugs your lash line, resulting in the closest application. It took me a little while to get used to the whole twist and squeeze thing, as when you twist the product up, you need to squeeze the nib to release the product a bit better:. 

I found that it takes minimal effort to create the perfect eye liner, and you can even apply onto your water line because this stuff is literally more water proof then water proof! Which brings me onto my next point….it’s so hard to get off!!! The remover that’s specifically made to remove the liner and mascara works really well but I think you will have a bit of trouble using soft makeup remover.

This product costs Β£18.50. It is a little pricy but I actually think it’s worth it for the perfect winged eye liner! 

I am currently doing a give away for this eyeliner and if you are interested please follow  this link and it will take you to the give away page. You could win a full size push up liner and a There Real remover sample! 

Thank you for reading, what are your thoughts? 🌸


9 thoughts on “Benefit Push-up Liner Review and Give away link!Β 

  1. I got this for my birthday and find it a little hit and miss. Sometimes it works perfectly then other times its really hard to get a sharp line/ flick if that makes sense? Great post by the way πŸ™‚

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  2. I know exactly what you mean about those quote on quote black liners that come out ashy black or streaky to the point you have to reapply after it dries to cover spaces that are streaky or shows skin a lot of black liners really miss the mark so I’m curious to try this product where can you buy them from or you have to purchase it from online


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