The Beauty Blender….where have I been?!


I ordered a Beauty Blender about a week ago and it finally arrived yesterday! I couldn’t wait to try it out this morning as I have only heard good things about it!

I was a little bit nervous when I started to hydrate it as I know you have to use it damp, but how damp is damp? (Too many damps in one sentence!) but anyway, it seems like I found the correct dampness (again) and it was a dream 😍 I will be doing a full review with photos tomorrow morning! Eeeeeek, I love it already! Who else is Beauty Blending?! 🌸


23 thoughts on “The Beauty Blender….where have I been?!

  1. i just started using it about 3 weeks ago and i like it as well! I wouldn’t say i LOVE it because i feel like my fingers can do a pretty fine job too. I havent tried using the beauty blender damp though!. i guess should try that! x

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      1. See that’s EXACTLY how I felt about the RT stippling brush – you’d thought I discovered gold lol However it has given me the bug to keep exploring new beauty tools – I reckon I’m gonna love this just as much huni πŸ˜€ XXX

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  2. I’ve been trying to decide if it’s worth getting for awhile now. I saw it at Sephora & I’m like should I??? Lol still in between but will def read your review on it & pick it up!!😘

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