Beauty Blender Review!🌸


Who ever thought that a egg shaped sponge could literally revolutionise the makeup world?! I have to say I have always been sceptical about this sponge because at the end of the day…it’s a sponge and it’s expensive!

First impressions:

When I received my Beauty Blender (I ordered mine from Amazon) I was actually a bit confused. It came in a clear box and it was so small! When I first took it out of the packaging, I was like….wow ok, so how is this meant to make my skin flawless?! It was almost a rough texture in its dehydrated state. Good job this is changed when it was hydrated! 

Adding water and application:

I obviously had to try this out right away and went on to hydrate my Beauty Blender. I ran water over it and squeezed the excess out and it literally blew up like a balloon! It’s texture and weight completely changed. I wrapped my Blender in a clean, dry towel and squeezed just to make sure all the excess water was out and it was perfectly damp. 

I used my Benefit Hello Flawless Ocygen Wow foundation, as when ising a brush, I found this almost sticky when trying to blend ( you can read my review on this foundation here!) and I was so desperate for my beauty blender to make this foundation work for me. 

I was so pleasantly surprised when I first used it! I felt a bit weird bouncing this damp sponge all over my face but the results are incredible. It gives quite a light, dewy coverage but you can always build up the coverage if you want too. I also found that my concealer goes on like a dream too! Because the tip of the Beauty Blender is so perfectly shaped, you can get right under your eyes and in the crease of your nose. I found as well that my Beauty Blender didn’t  absorb a whole lots of product which is an added bonus! 

The photo above is with my foundation and concealer applied with my Beauty Blender and set with my Loreal True Match powder.  I would 100% reccomend for everyone to try this awesome sponge! I brought mine for Β£12 on Amazon and I do not regret it one bit! It may be a little pricy but then again, some foundation brushes from Mac, Benefit, Bobbi Brown etc cost a fortune too! 

My Beauty Blender had become a staple in my makeup bag and I use it every day!

Who else is loving their Beauty Blender?!🌸


25 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Review!🌸

    1. I would πŸ™‚ if you have dry skin, i imagine it would look amazing with no powder over the top and it has such a pretty dewy finish πŸ™‚ but unfortunately for me, it’s oil galore on my face! X


      1. in the summer my skin is fairly good with being not too oily or not too dry, but in the winter it definitely gets dry (living in the northeast does that to ya!). I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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  1. Forgot about this! I’ve had one in my dressing table drawer for months. Got mine in one of my beauty boxes (Glossybox or BirchBox). I have only just started using liquid foundation again so I’ll give the blender a go now you’ve reminded me that I had it. x

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    1. I always thought it could better my foundation brush but I left my BB at my boyfriends at the weekend and not getting it back until tomorrow and I have been using my foundation brush in the mean time and you cannot compare the two! I can’t wait to get my BB back haha! X


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