Hair Do’s and Dont’s! 💇🏼

Hiya everyone! I have created a list of Hair DO’s and DONT’S following in the footsteps of  Madison Reed. I would like to just add I am NOT getting paid for this in anyway, this is entirely voulentery.

I know hair care is such a personal thing as everyone’s is different! From thin, thick, curly, pin straight, course, Afro and fine all our hair needs are different and there is always so much on the market we think we need to buy everything!! So I’ve had a think and come up with some Do’s and Dont’s we can all probably relate too, let me know if you would add anything!


  1. Keep your hair moisturised! I think this is so, so important for shiny locks! My favourite is actually coconut oil. I put it on once a week and sleep with it on and wash my hair as normal in the morning. It’s so good for it and it feels so nourished! I know Madison Reed offer an amazing range of Hair Gloss that offer deep moisture and even a tint of colour to boost your style! You can click here to find it.
  2. Let your hair breath! If your washing your hair everyday you are effectively stripping your natural oils which is going to encourage faster oil production…hence why if you wash your hair every day it looks greasy the day after!
  3. Let your hair air dry. It’s good to give your hair a break from heat, especially wheb extremely hot or cold spells hit. Also, air drying gives you a super cute beachy wave look if your hair has a natural kink in it!
  4. Heat protectant all the way!! If your going to heat style pretty much everyday then protect your hair as much as you can! Split ends can cause hair to thin out and look dry and dull. Invest in some heat styling products and feel the difference!
  5. Give it a well deserved break! If your not doing anything on your day off or at the weekend then whack it up in a loose messy bun and leave it be! No need for washing, styling or even intense brushed…just give it a day off too!


  1. Too much heat. As we all know, heat is hairs worst nightmare. We all love a good pair of GHD’s but there are times when it just isn’t needed. Embrace your natural curls/kinks and have a bit of a boho day!
  2. Pure Lemon juice for lightening. When I was in Italy I made the mistake of using pure Lemon juice on my hair to lighten it! My hair was severely dried out and a pain to comb! I used a hair mask 3-4 times a week when I got home and it took months to regain any moisture! If you are willing to use Lemons, please dilute it!
  3. Over dyeing. There are a recommended amount of weeks on hair dye boxes for a reason! To save yourself lots of hassle with damaged hair, try going a shade lighter or darker every 4-6 weeks, instead of going to one extream to another in a week or less! Find your very own tailored hair colour right here!
  4. Too much touching! I’m a sucker for when my hair is super duper soft and I could run my fingers through it all day! I also play with my hair when I’m nervous. Knowing this, I try to stop myself! The more you touch your hair, the more grease and dirt you transfer from day to day life. Think about the Jam sandwich you had for lunch and the amount of doors you’ve opened or closed…all that dirt…yuck!
  5. Less it more! Because there is such a vast collection of Hair Care products, it difficult not the buy and use them all at once!! Putting too much product in your hair is going to make it heavy, lifeless and dirty very quickly! Especially if it’s a product build up. Think about what your hair really needs and find an all in one product.

Thank you for reading you lovely people! These are just my personal thoughts and I would love to hear yours! Please comment below and I’ll get back to you. 😘


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