Supreme Shopaholic Tag!


Thank you to the lovely Rhia from signedwithasmile for the Supreme Shopaholic tag! Be sure to check out her blog, she writes some awesome reviews and tips so get following!

The rules for this tag are:

  • Name the person who nominated you and insert a link to their blog
  • List the last three things you bought
  • List three of your favorite stores
  • Write down why you love to shop
  • Name five super shoppers and link to their blogs!

The last three things I brought…

  1. I did a bit of a mini haul at Lush and ended up buying 2 Butterball bath bombs (I have already used one!) a Floating Island bath oil, a super cute bubble bar which is called Milky Bath and of course a bubblegum Lip Scrub.  
  2. Lancome Miracle Air De Teint foundation in the shade 010 – this foundation has become a solid favourite of mine. It site so nicely on my skin, has a beautiful satin finish and a light coverage.  
  3. Batiste dry shampoo in Coconut and Exotic Tropical! Pretty standard really…what girl cant live without dry shampoo?!  

My three favourite shops…

  1. Debenhams/Beals – If I could live in these department stores then I would! I love everything from the make up counters to the bags, perfume and clothing lines such as Lipsy. If your planning a night out, you literally don’t need to shop anywhere else!!
  2. Lush – Need I say anymore? Lush is like a bath time heaven store! I absolutely love it! And its actually pretty affordable. The products are cruelty free and have all natural ingredients so you know when your in the bath your not floating in a heap of chemicals!
  3. Starbucks – I’m not sure if this counts as a shop but I am on first name terms with the staff in Starbucks in my home town! I get a white mocha with soya and decaf every morning! I love the atmosphere and the drinks and nibbles arnt half bad!

Why I love to shop…

Bit of a silly question! Because it makes me HAPPY! I think spending a controlled amount of money that you have worked your butt off for over the past month, on pretty things makes you feel so good! I mean, you earned it so go and reap the rewards!

My five nominees are…

  1. Wenderlustproject
  2. BasicallyBeautiful
  3. allthingsbeautifulbyalishabrooke
  4. RebeccaJane
  5. Kaylaacameron

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this may have inspired you to do a bit of shopping yourself! Lots of love xo


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