Today’s favourite ❀️

I am in love with the Soap and Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar! 

I have always been so lazy with my brows and they are usually wild and thick…until I can be bothered to get them waxed! They used to look like this…. 

And you can tell how patchy and unruly they are (totally embarrassing!) and I have just been blown away by how much a bit of powder can do! I’m defo really late on the who brow hype and they are certainly not “fleek” *cringe* yet.

The palette looks like this:

The two pans on the left have the wax (top) and the bottom one is a highlight which actually doesn’t really do anything? I use a champagne shadow to highlight. The right two pans are the powders. Top is a ashy blonde (although I think it looks kind of green?) and the bottom a rich chocolate brown. I mix both  the powders after applying wax first. Oh also loving the handy little brushes! Although not loving how hard they are to pick up…

What’s your brow holy grail?! I think I’ve found mine! Thanks for reading 😘😘


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