Leaving Gifts From Work!

So today I worked my last shift at Boots! I have a new job in Debenhams starting next week and I cannot wait to have a week off to relax, blog, sleep and experiment with different makeup looks.

The management team at boots were kind enough to give me leaving gifts yesterday (which I actually think I deserved after working on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!) and I was so surprised by what I received!!

My first gift is a Hugo Boss tote bag (sorry it’s a big crumpled, it was in a plastic wallet to keep it clean!) 

A full size Noa perfume by Cacharel…I haven’t actually heard of that brand before but it smells lovely! Sweet and musky.

Two Jimmy Choo items! A cute makeup bag which is white faux leather and gold glitter on the other side and a full size body lotion but smells SO good! I used it this morning and it lasted all day!

A full sized See By Chloe perfume obviously by Chloe. Such a spring/summer scent…I can imagine wearing it for an evening on the beach watching the fireworks ❤️


I actually got a few bottles of Essie nail Polish but I thought this was the most interesting colour as the others are just pastels. I’ve never actually used Essie as I usually do my own gel…but I’ve heard good things! Maybe I’ll review….

I am sad to be leaving Boots as I have made some amazing friends there and I will miss all of them! But on wards and up wards, bring on Debenhams! 

Thanks for reading you lovely people! ❤️


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